HugePine Drivers

HugePine Support:

Hugepine drivers are widely known to not work properly especially in the USB to Serial Adapter. The USB-Serial-Adapter comes with a driver packaged with a CD which has an exe file. This Huge Pine driver works on some systems and not on others. The Huge Pine USB to Serial Ports Driver or sometimes refered to as Huge Pine USB to Serial Bridge Driver may or may not work on your particular operating system.

The HugePine exe file, also seen as "Setup For HugePine.exe", sometimes tries to install the wrong files for your particular operation system, wheither it be Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows ME , Linix or other Windows operating systems.

This Huge Pine error has been known to error out on USB to RS232 (Serial) cable, USB to Serial for a OBDII, HugePine USB-UART in Win7 x64, and other HugePine related items. Recently it has been noted that the HupePine errors out on the 64bit version more often than the 32bit version.

HugePine Driver Options:

The two hugepine files below may help with HugePine hardware, HugePine software issues, HugePine USB, and HugePine Serial Port Issues.

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